Benchmade – 15500-3 MEATCRAFTER Jaktkniv

3995,00 kr

Benchmade – 15500-3 MEATCRAFTER Jaktkniv är en mångsidig kniv för jakt, slakt och matlagning. Ett fantastiskt verktyg som följer med hela vägen från skog till bord.

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Mångsidig kniv för jakt, slakt och matlagning. Ett fantastiskt verktyg som följer med hela vägen från skog till bord. Vansinnigt vasst superstål med 14 graders egg längst ut mot spetsen.

Meatcrafter var ursprungligen ett resultat av ett samarbete mellan Benchmade och en av USA.s största jaktprofil, Steven Rinella. Målet var att utveckla en flexibel kniv för kötthantering i fält, slaktbod eller kök. En otroligt kompetent kniv med ett hybridblad som både är böjbart, följsamt och urstarkt.

Benchmade – 15500-3 MEATCRAFTER Jaktkniv en av dom bästa slaktknivarna ute på marknaden.

Steven Rinella beskriver Benchmade Meatcrafter så här:

This is a serious knife designed specifically for handling wild game. Every aspect of the product has been carefully designed to create a top-of-the-line boning knife with great edge retention, the perfect kind of flex, balance and durability—something that will stand the test of time.

Still, you might be saying, “Holy shit, $300? That’s pretty steep.” That’s true, and as an essential part of your kit, we think it’s worth it. We believe this is the best boning knife ever made in America.

Here’s why:

The granular level of sharpness and refinement we sought were simply not attainable with automated methods, so we set out to find a better way. That effort led to Benchmade’s brand-new, proprietary Select EdgeTM process, which produces the finest, sharpest blades ever achieved in their 40-year history. The cutting edge is ideal for pushing cleanly through animal tissue, not sawing against it.

We selected high-grade S45VN stainless steel for its top-tier metallurgical properties such as excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance. This is among the first production knives with that metal. The edge is hand-sharpened to a unique 14° angle, which Benchmade identified over their four decades in the premium knife business as ideal for push-cut performance. That means this blade will slice through meat with little more than a gentle push.

The “trailing point” blade style marries the precision and flex of a fillet knife with the strength and maneuverability of a boning knife. The result is a fine tip that can work a sirloin free from the femur, a narrow blade width for paring silverskin from muscle, and the overall burliness to slice cleanly through a thick round roast.

  • Totallängd : 281 mm
  • Vikt :128,14 g
  • Användning : Jakt
  • Blad : CPM-S45VN
  • Bladlängd : 154,4 mm
  • Bladhårdhet : 60-62 HRC
  • Bladmodell : Trailing Point
  • Bladtjocklek : 2,29 mm
  • Greppmaterial : G10
  • Slida : Boltaron

Ytterligare information

Vikt 128,14 g
Dimensioner 28,1 × 1,5 × 1,5 cm


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Benchmade – 15500-3 MEATCRAFTER Jaktkniv
3995,00 kr

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